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Webroot Mobile Security

Webroot Mobile Security

Compatible Smartphone:


Android operating system version 2.1 or higher

Android-compatible device with 3 MB of free storage space

Publisher: Webroot

Webroot Mobile Security : $14.99



Malicious apps are often disguised as legitimate apps, and without security for your mobile device, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. To prevent this, Webroot Mobile Security for Android scans, detects, and blocks mobile threats found in downloaded apps before they can infect your mobile device. Webroot also checks for security updates automatically, so you don't have to worry.

Secure Web Browsing

When you shop or bank online, you shouldn't have to think about the security of your accounts or transactions. Webroot Mobile Security for Android warns you about and blocks suspicious sites in order to protect your personal information, no matter where you go.

Device Locate *

If you lose your mobile device, you can use another mobile device to locate your device via SMS.

Device Scream *

Using our mobile security technology, your device will scream out an alert to help you locate it nearby.

Device Lock *

Webroot enables you to use another mobile device to lock your device by sending it a SMS, thereby preventing anyone from using your device if it was lost or stolen.

Call / SMS Blocking *

Stop unwanted calls and spam text messages immediately. This feature gives you the control to block whoever you want and whatever you want.

SIM Card Lock * (Paid App Only)

If someone removes the SIM card from your device, Webroot automatically locks it. That way, no one else can use the device with another SIM card.

Device Wipe * (Paid App Only)

If you are certain that your device is lost forever, Webroot enables you to permanently wipe your personal information from it.

Settings Audit (Paid App Only)

Webroot monitors key settings on your device that could be used to download malicious apps or access your files. We alert you if these settings are not configured securely.

App Inspector (Paid App Only)

Keep track of what your apps are capable of. Webroot examines your apps to determine which ones have access to your personal information, can track your location, or make phone calls without your knowledge.

*3G/4G data connection required for some features

Webroot Mobile Security : $14.99






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