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What is OCR Software?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is an advanced technology which allows the computer to scan printed/written text and convert it to electronic editable  document.

Literally all paper documents and PDF documents can be scanned by OCR software, which turns these documents into editable files, such as Word, Excel, etc. Advanced OCR software also offers PDF conversion capability.  Document management using OCR scanning is easy as piles of papers can be converted into compressed PDF files for indexing or archive purpose within a short period of time.  OCR scanning for internet publishing is another application as data or information on paper can be easily converted to HTML files.

Most OCR programs are usually accurate in the mid 90% range so some proofreading and editing is required.  High accuracy means that the text and layout of the document (including column, table, graphics) are kept as closed to the original as possible. The higher the accuracy rate, the better the OCR software is as it saves you time in proofreading and manual correction.  The speed of scanning and conversion, compatibility with popular PC applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and the ability to adjust the quality of scanned documents are other important factors in choosing a good OCR program. 



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