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There are certain steps that can be taken to protect your computer when surfing the web. Perhaps the most important element of PC security is installing Internet security software.

When most people discuss Internet security most think of antivirus programs. A computer virus can inflict severe damage to your computer, so installing a good antivirus product is indeed important. You should run a full scan of your computer at least once a week. Most of these programs update automatically to provide you with the best possible security.

Equally important is having a solid firewall. Windows does have its own firewall. However it is considered weak protection, because it assumes all software running on your PC is legitimate. It can only prevent hackers from unauthorized access to your computer but it won't stop programs from reaching the Internet without your permission.  If your computer is infected with malware, this illegitimate program could in fact be stealing your identity right off your hard drive. Therefore, a good firewall program is essential.

The Internet has become besieged with spyware.
Spyware infection can cause banking and identity theft, computer problems, slow internet access, hijacked browser homepage and uncontrolled pop-up ads.  Real time security is needed. Be careful with free spyware software from unknown software developers. Some hackers disguise free spyware security protection as a genuine program, but the reality is the software can infect your PC. With that being said, it is of the utmost importance that you protect yourself with reputable spyware security.

Spam e-mail is notorious for infecting computers.
Spam messages are not only annoying, some of them are used to deliver Trojan horses, viruses, spyware or links to offensive web sites with inappropriate content.  Spam messages are also used to launch phishing attack.  Phishers, pretending to be legitimate companies such as banks, financial institutes, PayPal, often use scare tactic to ask you to update your personal information on phish sites where they steal your personal information.

Although you can buy antivirus software, firewall program, spyware removal tool and spam filter individually, it is much more economical to purchase an Internet security suite that offers comprehensive protection against computer viruses, hackers, spammers, spyware etc. in one package. 



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