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Internet Fax Service vs Fax Software vs Fax Machine

This table compares the difference among internet fax service, fax software and a fax machine.  For more information about internet fax / email fax service, how internet fax works and the advantages of internet fax / email fax, please refer to Introduction To Internet Fax Service

  Internet Fax Fax Software Fax Machine
No need for fax machine X
No initial investment X X
No additional phone line required X X
No fax modem required X
Send / receive fax from PC X
Compatible with Windows applications n/a
Scanner needed for paper documents X
Send & receive fax from anywhere X X
Receive fax in handheld device X X
Fax documents stored in PC X
No paper jam, misplaced fax documents X
No maintenance cost X
No paper / cartridge cost X
Receive fax when PC is off X
Environmental friendly X
Free fax number X X
For home, SME, large corporations X
Internet access required X X
Easy to use & set up
Cost / Expenses monthly fee software price + additional phone line equipment cost + phone line + maintenance + paper + cartridges

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