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DVD Copy Software

What is DVD copy Software?

DVD copy software is a program that can copy the content of the original DVD discs onto hard drive or DVD recordable media. 


What are DVD copy software used for?

DVD copy software are used for these purposes:

1) Copy non-commercial DVDs (those you make on your own) and distribute them to the others.

2) Protect the original DVD, use the DVD copy and save your original DVD from scratches and damage.

3) Backup the original DVD (if the original DVD is lost or damaged, you still have a copy)

4) Prepare a better copy of scratched DVD.


Types of DVD copy software


Some freeware allow you to copy unencrypted DVDs onto hard drive.  You then use another freeware to burn the files to recordable DVD-R.  If you want to backup an encrypted movie DVD, you would need one extra step to convert the encrypted files to unencrypted files before copying them to the hard drive.  The process is time consuming and involves separate software.  Fitting the content of movie DVD into one recordable DVD-R is also complicated.  Most commercial videos are recorded on dual layer, and are much larger in size than one recordable DVD-R (single layer).  Therefore, you have to either reencode the video or reauthor by discarding some extra features to reduce the size.

Commercial software

Many commercial software can make 1:1 copy of non-commercial DVDs and unencrypted commercial DVDs and are easy to use.  However, they cannot be used on most movie DVDs which are protected by video data encryption.  The most popular encryption used is CSS (Content Scrambling System) which prevents consumers from transferring the data on the DVD to the hard drive.  If a straight copy is made, the file cannot be played properly.  In order to make a backup copy of these protected DVDs, you will need software that decrypts the copy protection, such as AnyDVD and DVD Region + CSS Free

Few DVD copy software can make true 1:1 backup copy of movie DVDs without loss of video and audio quality and support CSS, REGION, MACROVISION, SONY ARCCOS protected DVDs.  


Features of good DVD copy software

1.  Copy DVD onto your hard disk as well as to DVD recording media (DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW).

2.  Make true quality 1:1 copy

3.  Fast copy - it should usually take no more than 30 minutes to backup a DVD (actual speed depends on your computer system as well)

4.  Copy DVD-5/DVD-9 type DVD movies to DVD-9 (dual layer) disc

5.  Compress a dual layer (DVD-9) movie into one single layer (DVD-5) in high quality

6.  Let you choose whether to keep or remove audio track or subtitles of original DVD

7.  Compatible in NTSC and PAL format DVD movies

8.  Supports CSS (Content Scrambling System), REGION, MACROVISION and SONY protected DVD movies

9.  Easy to use

10. Offer free trial or money back guarantee (let you try it first to make sure it does the job)


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Disclaimer: In many countries, although it is legal to make a copy of commercial DVD for your personal use, it is illegal to circumvent the copy-protection mechanism.  Visitors should seek legal advice if they are in doubt of local copyright law and the proper use of any DVD copy software.  We do not endorse and cannot be held responsible for any action that violates the copyright law.


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